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Hey hahaha dont look over her just whining

February 1st, 2018, 5:11 pm
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zinnzinnluv February 1st, 2018, 5:11 pm
mmmm so i uploaded twice uggh

im hurting a bit
so my person i usually talk to is gone and going thru something them selves,
i dont wanna bother them with drama so im gonna kinda vent....or not idk im not the type o f person to act out on anger, because too many people are going thru so much and me being angry isn't as bad as their situation but my health is just as important, because you cant take care of someone else if you cant take care of your self right?its stupid but im tired mentally and physically so idk what to do really,i cant take a nap because im needed every 5-10 minutes and i was so fine with that for the longest but being tired now its irritating somewhat, but i dont show it, that would make that person feel like a burden and i dont want them to feel any more depressed then they do, i mean they have a critical heart condition i cant be that ass who makes them feel like shit so i spoil them /but i guess shit catches up with you/ im so weak i an barely walk sometimes, lifting and moving myself gets harder, and i wanna sleep but i cant, because im needed , sure i have a fully functioning sister, but shes of no help so...i do most of it my self.
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